Why a Re-Boot in QuickBooks 2018?

Have you converted to QuickBooks 2018 from an older version and are now finding it ‘stalls out’ when you try to reconcile and print a file? Are you experiencing other glitches?

You’re not alone.

It may be that you’re not re-booting your system regularly enough and/or there’s a memory issue.  RAM or Random Access Memory is the ‘most common type of memory found on computers and printers’ and QuickBooks 2018 requires a lot more of it that its older counterparts – at least 8GB. Some users even recommend using up to 16GB. They also acknowledge the importance of a regular re-boot!

If your system is ‘glitchy’ the easiest and cheapest way to ‘weed out minor problems’ is to shut down and re-start your system. (Restart the QuickBooks Database Server Manager – QuickBooks Learn & Support)

If at that point there is still lag or other issues become apparent, avoid being stuck on QB support for hours, call Chris at (360) 303-5798.

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