The Mysterious Balance Sheet

What is a Balance Sheet?

Balance Sheets can mystify business owners. It’s sometimes helpful to simplify the balance sheet if you think of it in terms of buying a house where the assets are the house, liabilities the mortgage and equity what the house is worth.

Informed by a company’s list of accounts – its chart of accounts, the balance sheet is one of the most important business reports a company can use. The balance sheet is a ‘snapshot’ of what a business owns (assets) and what it owes (liabilities) on any given day. Ultimately depicting a company’s worth (equity).

“It calculates how much your business is worth (your business’s equity) by subtracting all the money your company owes (liabilities) from everything it owns (assets): Assets – Liability = EquityIntuit Community

Why does Checking Account get listed first?

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Balance Sheet Assets Listed In Order Of Accessibility

What the business owns – assets, get listed first on a balance sheet. Asset accounts are presented in terms of ‘ease of accessibility’ to funds. Since it’s easy to take out money from a checking account, it gets listed first. Followed by savings, petty cash then money owed to the business – accounts receivables (A/R) . A/R funds are owned by the company just not in-hand and usually become available within 15 – 30 days as determined by payment terms.

Liabilities are listed in order of ‘obligation to others’ by current and non-current liability. Current are payable amounts required to be settled within 12 months and non-current liabilities will take longer than 12 months to settle.

Equity will be the remaining worth of a business; important to know and understand in many circumstances particularly in times of growth.

A Balance Sheet, combined with the Profit and Loss (aka Income Statement) along with a Cash Flow Statement, business owners, operators and financial lenders can easily determine a company’s health and wealth. Critical when qualifying for a line of credit or business loan to fund growth, equipment purchases and overall company sustainability.

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