QuickBooks Vs. Xero – Online Accounting Software

The Sleeter Group’s, Greg Lam wrote two very comprehensive articles comparing the features of QuickBooks Online (QBO) to Xero (Part I – Features & Part II – Reports).  As well, Doug Sleeter produced the below video (22 min.) for a visual reference and comparison.

Neither Sleeter or Lam recommend one program versus the other but Lam does go so far as to say while Xero feels ‘more open and customizable’, QBO’s payment processing, payroll, and book-to-tax (Intuit Tax Online) provide ‘seamless integration’.  As well, he suggests your region plays a role saying, “QBO has a lot of good US and Canadian specific features, whereas the same can be said for Xero in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.”

Chris McGee recommends downloading free trials of each to test the features and echos the Sleeter Group’s suggestion to ‘get your hands dirty’ with the demo companies provided.  After testing them both, then decide which software suits you best.

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