Cash-Flow in QuickBooks (Free Workshops)

Ever been left scratching your head wondering, ‘where does all the money go?’ Well, you’re not alone.  Managing cash-flow is a common problem facing business owners.

Learn how to best manage the ‘inflow and outflow’ of cash in your business by attending one – or both – of  Business Support Services Northwest, LLC‘s ‘Cash Flow in QuickBooks’ Workshops.

  1. Whatcom Co. – Tuesday, 13-Sept. at Sustainable Connections 10-11:30 am (Free)  REGISTER
  2. Skagit Co.- Wednesday, 14-Sept. at Calico Cupboard Cafe & Bakery 10-11:30 am (Free)  REGISTER

Along with an income statement and a balance sheet, a cash flow statement provides both owners and (potential) investors with valuable insight about the health of a business.

“When it comes to the financial management of a growing company, always remember that cash is king.  In other words, this is not the place for shortcuts and sloppy practices.” Martin Zwilling, Angel Investor

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