Cash Flow Statement – Why It Matters

Along with an income statement and a balance sheet, the cash flow statement provides a (potential) investor with valuable insight about the health of a business.

It covers three key areas where cash moves in and out of a business.  1) Operations 2) Investments and 3) Financing.

When reviewed with an income statement (a.k.a. Profit and Loss or P&L Report) and a balance sheet (Assets & Liabilities), an investor can really get a sense of how well a business is doing and make a much more informed decision about his/her involvement.

Worthy of note:  when reviewing a cash flow statement it’s important to look over a span of time as opposed to just a snapshot because while a company showing negative cash flow could be indicative of poor performance, it could easily reflect the opposite – that the company is reinvesting cash to grow the business rather than leaving it in the bank to receive little to no return.

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