Cyber-security Tips for Small Business

FDIC Winter 2016 Consumer News listed a comprehensive list small business owners can use to protect their data and their money from hackers.  Their cyber-security tips in short are:

  1.  Keep up-to-date anti-virus software on all computer devices with automatic updates.
  2.  Regularly install ‘patches’ or updates to all software.
  3.  Keep employee access to data ‘job specific’.
  4.  Train employees about cybersecurity issues (30 minute SBA online course)
  5.  ‘Strong authentication’ beyond just a user ID and password.I.e. confirmation phone call
  6.  Business tablets & smartphones that have access to the company network are of particular concern. Secure them using password protecting, data encryption and security software.
  7.  Conduct daily to weekly data back ups (minimum).
  8.  Get ‘best practice’ advice from your bank about online payments.
  9.  ‘Monitor bank account balances regularly’

(Click HERE to read the complete article.)

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